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Sandra delivery contributions to needy despite the siege of the protesters

Despite the blockade that is subjected to Ciudad del Este district by a group of professional agitators, local government does its best to carry out the daily routine of the institution. Yesterday, as the protesters closed the access road to the municipality, the Sandra McLeod intendent gave Zechariah social contributions to a group of persons of low income in excess of 10 million Guarani.

Question innovate in order to prevent park Mbaracayú

The director of the Law Office of the Municipality of Ciudad del Este question the warrant signed by Judge Adolfo Genes for which orders the district not to make any improvements to the park Mbaracayú Area 8. The property of that public space is a source of conflict between the communal institution and Itaipu Binational, the latter intended to erect in place a technology center idea is not well seen by the neighbors.

Zechariah reiterates that answer insults

The candidate for the vice presidency of the Republic by the movement Vanguardia Colorada, Javier Zacarias Irun, again reiterated that the newspapers will not answer that supports grievances of the main leaders of the ruling Colorado because it is clear that those who insult you have no other convincing arguments to win voter support. It was during a rally in the jurisdiction of the Workers’ Branch 7 of the neighborhood.

Two thousand young people in the country will benefit scholarship programs and job training

The release of Fellowship Programs Office of the President and Embarking working life will be held tomorrow, Wednesday 28 November at 09:00 hours in the BCP. The President, Nicanor Duarte Frutos and Paraguayan Itaipu director, Victor Bernal part of the act. The Scholarship Program Office of the President will benefit 1,500 students by 2008. 550 other youth in the country will accede to their first job through the program Embarking working life in the same year.